Who are we?

Pronunciation: | ˈdʌski |

DSKY was born in 2016 and while the name itself has no meaning, it is our aim to build a strong, distinctive meaning behind it.

DSKY   is inspired by London’s diversity; we are inspired by different shapes, sizes and background that you can see all over this city. We don’t see London as a huge melting pot, but rather a large selection of different dishes that are available to everyone!

DSKY active is all about diversity.

Our roots are in activewear and we will continue to make an impact!

What do we believe? 

  1. That we are Representational
  2. Confident Boosting – mentally and physically
  3. We are Community Focused
  4. We want our customer to Feel Natural and Feel Like Themselves when wearing our products
  5. We are Empowering
  6. We are Proud to Belong

Company Information 

DSKY Active Ltd (11136276)

DSKY Active Sdn. Bhd (1215430-K) – Malaysia

Registered Address

Dowgate Hill House

14-16 Dowgate Hill


Email: hello@dskyactive.com